Energy production

Optit’s solution for DH network development optimisation

Business Positioning Statement:

Optit’s solution for energy production optimization supports operational and strategic decision-making processes for DH system’s generation assets (one or multiple plants). The DSS is a multi-user, web-based application, providing the dispatching schedule for each production asset that satisfies heat demand and operational constraints, while maximising operating margins. The solution can be integrated with SCADA systems, leading potentially to a fully (supervised) automatized process. The solution handles both short-term (e.g. for daily operations) and long-term instances (e.g. for what-if analysis/budgeting purposes), combining a strong analytical approach and a smooth and user-friendly experience. The system is being currently used by several Italian Utilities and has been successfully tested abroad in several use cases.

Characteristische Schlagworte:

  • Decision Support System
  • Advanced Analytics


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